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Fan Fic Covers

 Hay all!, okay, this is going to be the first of what I hope to be a series of posts. As you probably picked up from the title of this post, it is going to be FanFic related: I am a functioning addict, an as such, must feed my habit. ;D

Okay: How of you out there have eReaders? Or do you print out your favorite stories? Maybe you just want a pritty tittle page...

See, I'm one of those pesky cottagers in the summers, but, like most cottagers out there, we don't have internet  on the Trent (where my cottage is). Well, if I'm in the middle of a fic on FanFiction.net, that can be fairly irritating, as, normaly, I would have to copy & past the rest of what I was reading, and then, if it turned out to be crap, but I only saved that one story for the week/weekend, well, I'm SOL. 

Then came this incredable/mirraculous/ awesome discovery: FanFiction Downloader (click on the top one if the second doesn't work)

(The Site) http://www.home-eisele.de/downloader_e.php

(The Program) http://www.home-eisele.de/files/ffdl/Fanfictiondownloader406.exe

It downloads from:

- fanfiction.net
- fanfiktion.de
- checkmated.com
- portkey.org
- adultfanfiction.net
- Animexx.de (test)
- Fictionalley.org (schnoogle, astronomy....)
- Fictionpress.com
- FanFicAuthors.net
and it save the files as either a Document (.RTF) HTML or PDF. I personally prefer one of the older models, as the documents need a little editing. It has a bunch of these ##### ##### ##### ###### at the beginning of each chapter. But it's a small price to pay in most cases, and the creator is always updating the software.

Anyway, back to what I was saying...

Even though I know had a bunch of fics to keep me entertained, it was still a real pain in the ass to have carry my computer with me everywhere. And it wasn't really practical for taking out on the boat when you wanted a little quiet time. Never mind having to worry about battery power, and not being able to actually see the screen in the sun. Ya, it was a constant hassle!!

So, genius me; I decided that I would start printing my books. and yes, I mean like, editing and formatting, cropping margins, printing on both sides, then folding, clamping, gluing, and binding all of my favorite works. This was all fine and dandy ... for the smaller to normal length stories. But we all know that the deepest, and most engaging stories out there are freaking monsters!!!

One of my favorite all time fics is The Real Us by: Seel'vor. It was also one of my first prints, and my second biggest: it's 717 pages with a 13 size Andalaus Font.

My all time biggest is Vox Corporus by: MissAnnThropic. It is only 591 pages, but is in a 9 Time New Roman font.

Needless to say, this was an expensive, and time consuming process. And though I am very proud, and deeply love each and every one of my little portable creations: as a full time student without a job, it just isn't feasible anymore.

Enter the eReader.

I just got a Kobo: Chapters' version of the kindle. I really quite like it. it reads PDFs, which you can create by simply saving it in PDF format in word. so, problem solved.

Now then, after that long, involved, and probably unnecessary history; the purpose of this post:

I made/make covers.

Absolutely none of this artwork has been made by me. I simply put it together, and edited a bit in/with photoshop.


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Jan. 18th, 2011 05:40 pm (UTC)
Those covers are lovely! I keep meaning to print out a personal copy of my fics in case my laptop ever went west (hopefully I've not jinxed it by saying that!!!) and still haven't done it.
When you said you were a cottager my mind went to a completely different activity, and I thought "What?!" but that's my problem, not yours!
Jan. 18th, 2011 06:34 pm (UTC)
"What?!" ?????
okay, now you've got to tell me! lol

Where exactly did you're mind get too Miss.Bas?

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