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Story Idea/Challenge

 Summery: A serious take on an old joke: What if the Doctor and Donna were the last Time Lord & Lady in existence?

Story Idea/ Challenge:

Before the Time war with the Daleks, Donna was exiled from Gallifrey b/c she meddled with a set time line that was not to be touched. (Just like the Doctor does, But with ‘better’ results). When she was banished, the Delegation decreed that she would be placed on a “primitive” level 5 planet (SOL 3) where she would live out the rest of her long life with all of the abilities of a Time Lady, but without the means to interfere (don’t worry, she still finds a way to interfere :D). However, as one last parting gift, and as part of her punishment, Donna’s mind was closed to the rest of Gallifrey. Meaning, that she was rendered unable to hear the minds of other Time Lords. She still has the latent telepathic abilities, such as being able to hear the Ood. But where she used to be able to hear the whisper of other Time Lords in the back of her mind; their voices and feelings; there is now only silence. Because of this, Donna has no clue that Gallifrey has been destroyed/sealed in the Time Lock.

Like The Doctor & The Master, Donna had an “alias”. She was known as: The Librarian. When she was first sentenced to Earth, she continued to use her name; she even got a job at The British Library. However, after 80 years, Donna found that the use of her, now old, name, was too painful a reminder of her exile, and all that she had lost. And so, working in an environment that housed all of the best names on this planet, The Librarian “created” Donna Noble.

I may continue/start this story in the future, but it is very, highly unlikely. I would love, love, love to read this, or something like it. If you decide to take it on, please let me know!!!!! :D