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Hi all,
So, I'm amazed at just how long it's actually been since I've truly been on here. Let me just say that I'm thinking of coming back, but just not sure where to start, or what to post.

I think that it's fairly obvious that A Conquering Love isn't going to get finished any time soon, I mean, my god, it's been 4 years. That being said, I am still deeply in love with Fanfiction, and am still very deeply immersed in it`s worlds. The difficult part where my writing is concerned, is that I have a very strong tendency to jump back and forth between different fandoms. As of this moment, my fandoms stand thus:
(from most obsessed to least)

10th Doctor/Donna
11th Doctor/Donna

As you can see, my obsession with Buffy has greatly diminished. Even though I still love her, and quote Joss often, I've just found my passion for it to have faded. Now, by no means does that mean that I have given up on any of my stories. Absolutely not! At some point, somewhere, someone's going to say something or an idea will hit, and my writing will take off. It's already happened with the HP story I am currently writing, and so I am just waiting for it to happen for my Buffy stuff. Also, to any Our Daughter fans out there; please be advised that I do have the ending written and I love it, I just need to figure out how to get the middle to continue to flow, while still allowing the ending to be believability.

Lastly, to all of my podcast listeners out there: I am so, so sorry. Phoenix Fictions, Slayer Stories, and The Romance Section have been taken off the air. It was NOT my choice. The website, ClickCasters, which I had been using (and paying for) as the Home Site of all three of my podcasts one day just up and turned off their servers without telling anyone, and have yet to be heard from since. I wont go into detail as to just how much money they stole from me (nearly $1000), I can only express how deeply sorry I am, and how much I wish that I could continue updating those fabulous stories.
On a brighter not, I do have another site in mind, that has proved to be very reliable, however, I will still not be able to update, as all of the money that would have gone to creating the site and all that is being put towards school.